• Landlord & Tenant Management

Landlord & Tenant Management

As a landlord you are likely to receive various applications and requests from your tenants, either wishing to dispose of their leases to a third party; requests for permission to carry out works to the property; requests for new or extended leases; or variations to existing leases.

It is important to obtain legal advice on such requests prior to responding, as all of these requests, if mishandled, can have an adverse effect on rents payable on review on existing leases, and the overall value of the asset concerned.

At AK LAW we can provide the necessary advice to minimise any negative impact and to assist you in complying with your obligations as landlord whilst protecting the value of your property. Many leases will provide that it is the tenant who is responsible for your costs in dealing with such matters, and we can advise you on these issues also.

As a tenant, there are various restrictions and obligations affecting the way you occupy and trade from your property, and also the basis on which you can dispose of or renew your lease.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we have the experience to advise you and guide you on the many issues that can arise between a landlord and a tenant.

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